Musicality uncompromised: OVATION PA8

The concept of the PA8 is made to be the center of the audiosystem, designed for maximum musical performance. To reach this goal AVM has created complex circuitry designs. To bring these concepts to life only the best components avialble are being used. And even more we match those components carefully before the assembly. All thes efforts serving only on goal: Making musiclistening an emotional joy for musiclovers.

Based on its modular concept the PA8 is ideal to match different requirements. Musiclovers of all kinds, Vinyllovers, fans of tube gear, digital fans find the PA8 to be the ideal playing partner that can be configurated for individual needs. And when requirements or expectations change or the system is expanded, the PA8 can be altered, upgraded  and it grows with the system.

Uncompromised sound quality

When designing the PA8 uncompromised sound quality was the highest design goal. The well planned concept of the PA8 delivers a solid base to harmonize the various modules of the PA8. Starting with the power supply and stretching out thru all the modules we have strictly selected all the components for ideal musicality. Only being satisfied when the complete PA8 matched our sonic ideals.

Uncompromised design

In the PA8 uncompromised circuit designs are being applied, result of more than 25 years of experience and AVM’s R&D. Countless listening tests and prototypes were necessary to optimize the potentials of these circuit designs by applying the best components available. Serving only the one desire to build the best PreAmp yet and this way making it the ideal playing partner for the MA8 and SA8.

The  PA8 is designed completely modular and is based on an internal bus system that connects inputs and outputs. The PreAmp can be configured with inputs and outputs to match Individual requirements.

Attention to the smallest detail is necessary to reach an optimal result. That is a reason why the circuit boards use gold plated leads and a special coating is applied.

Smallest details require the largest attention when it comes to achieving optimal results. During the design phase only circuit boards with gold plated leads were being designed and signal paths were optimized by clever configurations of components. The connectors between modules are also highest grade and gold plated. Audio signals and control signals are speparated as far from another as possible and they are radically shielded against each other. Stunning is the idea to process audio signals only fuly balanced and with full gain level. The volume control is found only as the last stage on the output boards.

This unique concept enables the audio circuits to always work at a fixed and defined operation level and enables optimal suppression of distortions. This extrme complexity serves the uncompromised musicality of the PA8.

The internal wideband power supply produces no stray fields and leaves otheer components inside the PA8 undistorted. This switchmode power supply is immune against distortions from the AC mains like voltage fluctuation or DC off-sets. The complete lack of strayfields allows circuit designs for the audio signal that do not need to take detours and signal paths can be designed in the shortest possible way. The circuit designs are made reality by applying only the very best components to operate this architecture safely.

Not only vinyl fans will appreciate this feature as it results in reproduction of all musik with extremely low distortion levels with absence of a humm. This leads to a very detailed and musical reproduction.

Needless to say that only the best materials are also applied for the housing. Built of massive aluminum panels the front plate alone measures 15mm alone in thickness. This massive design help to keep inpfluences from footfall away from the sensitive audio circuitry.

Uncompromised quality

Like all AVM hi-fi components the A3.2 is carefully developed and assembled by our engineers in Malsch, Germany. Our vendors for housing and electronic parts reside all near-by. This proximity helps us to easily ensure and maintain superb quality level of the supplied parts for the AVM hi-fi components made of these.

  • Wideband Power Supply 80–260 Volt, minimized stand-by power consumptio, phasenindicator
  • Blue display, dimable
  • Remote Control made of solid Aluminum
  • Widrerange menuefunctions (i.e. adjustable input sensitivity, individual input naming etc.)
  • External control via RS 232, ethernet, connection for external IR
  • Stereo line input RCA-cinch
  • Stereo line input XLR (balanced)
  • Stereo- dual input 2 x RCA-cinch or 2 x XLR (balanced)
  • Stereo quadruple 4 x RCA cinch
  • Phono input MM/MC, Amplification and input impedance switchable
  • FM tuner module with RDS
  • DAB+ tuner module
  • USB DAC, Coax and Opto (TOS link), upsampling to 192/24, switchable filters
  • Processor in/out
  • Tone control module with loudness and bypass function
  • Stereo output RCA-cinch
  • Stereo output XLR (balanced)
  • Stereo dual output 2 x RCA-Cinch or 2 x XLR (balanced) for bi-amping
  • Stereo tube output RCA-Cinch or XLR (balanced)